Primary and Secondary Sources

  • Person who experienced an event
  • Researchers who conducted an experiment ot study themselves
  • News reporter at an event when it occurs (war, accident, natural disaster, etc.)
  • Organizations or government agencies
  • News reporter interviewing someone who witnessed an event
  • Anyone who summarizes an event or study after it has been initially written about
  • Personal communication
  • News reporting of an event
  • Communication of policy
  • Communication of study or research results
  • To inform about an event or study
  • To provide analysis of an event or study
  • Letters, diaries, personal blogs, emails
  • First - person accounts of an event
  • Newspaper article reporting an event
  • Journal articles detailing the research methods and results
  • Autobiography (book written about one's own life)
  • Statistics
  • Court cases
  • Office memos or reports
  • Performances or plays
  • Films or television shows
  • Photographs, paintings, sculptures, posters
  • Short stories or novels
  • Newspaper or magazine article summarizing or analyzing a past event
  • Article review in a journal
  • Website
  • Book (not autobiographical)
  • Encyclopedia article