Use of Computers and Guidelines for Guest Computer Access

Use of Computers


  • To define the intended audience and appropriate use of educational and information technology in the Vancouver Community College Library & Learning Centres.
  • To provide guidelines for employees dealing with situations of inappropriate use.

Applies to

All VCC students, employees or members of the public who use Library & Learning Centre systems and services.


The Library and Learning Centre computers are intended to support the educational initiatives of VCC students and employees. Due to high demand for computers, the Library and Learning Centre does not support or encourage use by members of the public.

To ensure that computers are used appropriately, users may be asked to present a VCC identification card as proof of status. Members of the public will be asked to free up computers to make them available for VCC students and employees.

All users who access and use the Library and Learning Centre computers are required to use them appropriately and responsibly as per College policy B.5.2 Appropriate and Responsible Use of Educational and Information Technology Policy on Administration Policies

Appropriate and Responsible Use Guidelines

The User must:

  • Obey the rules of computer use.
  • Be respectful and responsible.
  • Be considerate of others waiting.

The User must not:

  • Misuse computers (for example, viewing inappropriate websites or making excessive personal use of resources).
  • Change or disable settings.
  • Use anyone else's account, passwords or files.
  • Use computers to break the law (for example, sending threatening messages).

Guidelines for handling inappropriate use

Users suspected of inappropriate use will be approached by staff.

  • Users will be asked to present proof of VCC status (ID card).
  • Staff may ask the user to stop using the computer if they have been abusing privileges or if they are not a VCC student or employee.
  • Security should be contacted to assist with removing users who are abusive or to deal with extreme cases of misuse (e.g. viewing of child pornography).
  • In cases of extreme misuse or abuse, staff will note the following information for reporting to either the campus librarian or the Coordinator, Learning Centre:
    1. Name and ID
    2. Computer ID number
    3. Date and time
    4. Description of situation
    5. The campus librarian or Coordinator, Learning Centre will be notified and will report the situation to: Director, Library & Learning Resources, the Dean of Student Services and the Director of Instructional Computing Services. They will take further action as needed (as per College policy number B.5.2).

Note: call Security immediately for assistance if you feel threatened by the user or if the misuse is severe.

Handling of repeat occurrences

Staff should refer situations to the campus librarian, Coordinator, Learning Centres or designate (person acting) when an individual repeats misuse after already having been notified of our policy.

The campus librarian or Coordinator, Learning Centres will speak with the individual and decide on a course of action.

Guidelines for Guest Computer Access at VCC Library & Learning Centre

Guest logins providing access to the computer workstations in VCC Library & Learning Centre may be issued for the current day only to individuals who meet the following criteria and, where applicable, have a valid ID from their home institution:

  • Visiting students and employees from other public post-secondary institutions
  • Individuals who have educational or professional business with the College (this does not include members of the public using College services, such as the hair salon or the cafeteria)
  • Contract workers
  • Practicum students at VCC
  • NEC students (Native Education College)

Guest login users must also fill out a VCC Library Guest Computer Access Form.

Guest logins will not be issued to:

  • Members of the public who do not meet the criteria above

Terms of Use

  • Current VCC students and employees have priority use of Library and Learning Centre computer workstations. During busy or peak times, the Library may choose to not issue a guest login, and you may be asked at any time to vacate your guest station if it is required by a VCC student/employee.
  • Use of the computers is governed by the Appropriate and Responsible Use of Educational and Information Technology Policy.
  • The Guest User is responsible for any activity on the computer until logged out. The guest user must not share the login with anyone else, and must log out of the computer when finished their session.
  • Guests under the age of 18 will not be issued a guest login.


  1. Request guest logins at the Service Desk in the Library at either campus.
  2. Guest logins are issued for the current day only and will expire when the Library closes. 
  3. Guest users must complete the VCC Library Guest Computer Access form and show one (1) piece of current official photo identification (e.g. driver's license, passport, College ID card with a valid expiration date).
  4. This form will be kept on file in the office in a secure location by the Department Head of Library Public Services for one (1) year, to allow any inappropriate use of the workstations to be tracked.
  5. This information is being collected under the authority of the College and Institute Act and will be used in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.