What is a recall?

A recall is a request for an item that is checked out to someone else. When an item you have is recalled, the library sends you an email to your VCC email account saying you have to return it within 7 days, or at the end of your renewal period, whichever comes first.

What types of items can be recalled?

Only items with a loan period of 2 week or longer: books and kits. It doesn’t apply to DVDs, CDs and other items with shorter loan periods – but you can still request those and get them when the user returns them.

How long will I have to return a recalled item?

You are guaranteed at least the minimum loan period – that’s usually 2 weeks. If you have renewed it or if it’s overdue, another student can recall it and you will need to bring it back within 1 week of the recall. If you don’t return it within 1 week, you will have to pay a fine of $1 per day.

How do I recall a book?

Find the book you want in the library search and click on Request. Login to your library account and follow the instructions.

Who can place a recall?

Current students and College employees.

How do I know a book I have has been recalled?

The Library sends you an email to your VCC email account that will tell you in the new due date.

What happens if I don’t see the email? Will I still get fined?

Yes. As a borrower from the library, you are responsible for monitoring your VCC email account for library notices. You can forward your VCC email to your personal account (instructions)

Do I have to pay fines on any other library items?

We’ve stopped charging fines on most library items. We’ve kept fines on 3 types of items:

  1. Reserve items (which tend to be required readings for classes that many students want to access)
  2. Laptops, iPads and Tablets (which are very popular items that others are waiting for)
  3. Items that another person has requested that you don't bring back by the due date