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LibGuides (VCC)New Anatomy & Physiology resources, on the web and from the VCC Library
Anatomical Terminology A good interactive tutorial to practice anatomical terminology like superior/inferior, proximal/distal, medial/lateral, etc.
Anatomy and Physiology Online New Learn about anatomy using comprehensive tutorials. "This online resource covers all a student needs to know and learn for a 2 semester Anatomy and Physiology course. 19 modules with clear 3D images and interactive models, narrated animations and illustrations, dissection slides you can label, clinical case studies, the impact of aging on each body systems, pronunciation guide, quizzes and much more." New View body structures interactively via anatomical renderings, MRI slices, pathology slides, as well as Flash movies and animations. 3D perspectives* are also available (*Unity Web Player must be installed). Test yourself with interactive quizzes on both regional and functional anatomy.
Essential Study Partner A textbook companion for Anatomy and Physiology with review material, activities, and chapter quizzes.
(Requires Internet Explorer)
Gray's AnatomyNew Includes 1,247 engravings from the classic 1918 publication, as well as a subject index with 13,000 entries.
Basic Neuroscience Basic neuroscience including: brain basics, higher functions, spinal cord, peripheral nervous system, the neuron, sensory systems, effects of drugs, neurological and mental disorders.
NHC Anatomy & Physiology Animations Animations on A&P and basic chemistry topics from various teaching sites.
WebAnatomy A collection of quizzes and self-tests on intro-level A&P from University of Minnesota.
Gastrointestinal System AnatomyNew An interactive tutorial to help you learn and practice identifying organs in the gastrointestinal system
Structure of the KidneyNew An interactive tutorial to help you learn and practice identifying parts of the kidney
Anatomy and Function of the Brain An interactive tutorial to help you learn the parts and function of the brain

Textbook Links

OpenStax: Anatomy & PhysiologyNew

Anatomy and Physiology is a dynamic textbook for the two-semester human anatomy and physiology course for life science and allied health majors

Tutorial Links

Microscope Measurement

Useful website to practice calculating the diameter of field of view under different magnifications and size of object

Microscope Tutorial

Useful website to practice microscope manipulation
YOUTUBE: Microscope Tutorial (Part 1) John Sowash demonstrates: 1. Parts of the microscope 2. Parts that you can adjust 3. Using your microscope (7:15)
YOUTUBE: Microscope Tutorial (Part 2) John Sowash demonstrates: 1. Total Magnification 2. Common mistakes (4:15)