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Study Skills

The Learning Centre tutors can help you with study skills including how to read textbooks efficiently, note-taking, memorization techniques, and studying for different types of test questions.




LibGuides (VCC) VCC's key resources for Student Success

College Success Skills

Understanding Assignments This website will help you understand how to read and write an effective response to a variety of assignments.
9 Best Study Tips Find out 9 tips on how to study smarter (based on scientific studies) in this short video
10 Tips on How to Ace an Exam *Video* A short video on 10 effective study tips to improve your exam performance based on research results
Assignment Calculator University of Toronto's online assignment calculator breaks projects and papers up into manageable steps that help you meet your deadlines.
Crash Course Study SkillsNew Thomas Frank is going to help you learn to be a better student. He'll go over study tips, note taking, getting organized, and so much more!
Free Office 2016 TutorialsNew FREE Office 2016 tutorials on Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access
I blew my exam, now what? *Video* A short video on how to learn and improve after a bad exam experience
Multi-tasking is a Myth! Interesting, short video explaining how the brain works when you attempt to multi-task and the negative impact on accomplishing work.
Ready for Your Exam? Find out how your exam preparation skills measure up and what you can do to improve
Study Guides and Strategies A privately maintained series of worksheets that cover just about every imaginable study skill.
Study Skills Assessment Take this short online quiz about your study strategies to figure out which areas you could improve on for academic success.
UBC's student toolkitsNew Toolkits include: Managing Your Time, Preparing for Exams, Reading Textbook, Taking Notes, Working in Groups, etc ...