Children in the Library


To clarify the role and responsibility of the Library in supervising and caring for children left unattended by their parents and to provide guidelines for staff in handling.

Applies To

All VCC students, employees and members of the public who may bring children with them or leave children unattended in the VCC Library.


Library materials, resources, and quiet study space are for use by the adult students who attend classes at VCC.

Children may not be left alone or unsupervised by their parents in the VCC libraries. Library staff cannot, in the course of their work, be responsible for the safety of unattended children.

A VCC student's library privileges are not transferable. A parent may borrow materials for her/his children but children cannot use their parents' cards without explicit consent.

A parent may not provide computer access for her/his children in the VCC libraries. Library computers are intended for use by VCC students.

Children may not use the Media Viewing Room, which can be booked only by registered VCC students or staff.

Letter to be provided to Parents