Food and Drink in the VCC Library and Learning Centre


To provide guidelines under which food and drink may be brought into the VCC Library and Learning Centre.

Applies to

All users of the VCC Library and Learning Centre.


Food and drink may be brought into the Library and Learning Centre under the following guidelines:

  • Drinks are allowed in covered containers, such as covered plastic bottles, spill-proof travel mugs and disposable cups with lids.
  • Most food is allowed, except for food that may disturb others (such as hot, aromatic food, loud or messy food and food that is known to cause severe allergic reactions).
  • Users are responsible for cleaning up after themselves and depositing waste and recyclables into the appropriate containers.

Some areas may be designated as food-free; these areas will have signs clearly posted.

Library and Learning Centre employees have the right to determine what food and drink fall within these guidelines.

* As approved by LLCMG, January 23, 2014

Noise in the Library


To clarify the acceptable level of noise in the VCC Library.

Applies to

All patrons of the VCC Library.


The VCC Library is committed to provide a welcoming and productive environment to all of its users. We recognize that the Library is a study space for individuals and groups, as well as a meeting space for members of the VCC community.


  • Respect Library patrons by speaking softly. Loud conversations disturb others and are disruptive to users and staff.
  • Respect the designated "Silent Study" areas.
  • Use bookable group study rooms for group work or for louder conversations.
  • Turn cell phone ringers off when you enter the Library. Speak quietly on your cell phone to avoid disturbing others. Calls should be taken outside the Library if necessary.

*As approved at LLCMG, May 31, 2007